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Trace Heating

Perfect for large industrial and commercial sites, our electrical trace heating is proven to be incredibly effective at frost protection, maintaining or raising the temperature of pipes and vessels.

Ideally partnered with thermal insulation, our trace heating helps maintain temperatures of essential pipework that needs protection from extreme cold, such as frost and snow.

Working alongside prestigious industrial and commercial clients, our highly skilled and experienced insulation experts will install your electrical trace heating on any pipes that are exposed to the elements, as well as ones that need to transport substances at high temperatures.

Frozen pipes can cause no end of problems for a business; whether it is expensive repairs and maintenance or just an increase in energy usage. Our electrical trace heating service ensures that properly treated pipes will never freeze, saving you vital funds that can be spent elsewhere in your business.

Our electrical trace heating service is also a cost effective and more efficient alternative to steam trace heating and can be used where steam is unavailable or unwanted.